Lemons and Lace
Facilitated by
Bailey Parkinson & Adey Singer

Part of the Luxury Goods, Luxury Bads event.

Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, luxury is in the eye of the consumer. Some define luxury as stones, medals, or fur that embellish the body, or they place weight on cost or name brand, while others view luxury as a faraway place that offers an escape from reality. We invite you to step into this gallery space of apparent luxury, but look closely and consider: what does luxury really mean?

Luxury Goods, Luxury Bads explores luxury in art, fashion, and life through works ranging from sculpture to textiles, and performance to biodata monitors. Together, these pieces form a world of luxury while simultaneously questioning the term. The exhibition creates a hybrid experience of static and performing arts, incorporating themes of performance, dress-up, opulence and sophistication (or lack thereof), play, and consumerism.

Luxury Goods, Luxury Bads recognizes every mind, hand, and body that has contributed to making and presenting these works in the gallery and on the runway.