Lakba ni Bakla
Facilitated by
Ev Ricky

Part of the Clairvoyant Creatures event. Get tickets here↗

Through video, performance, and sculpture, the real and imagined bodies of human, non-human, and more-than-human beings co-materialize, holding together, open, and falling apart.

The chorus is sedimented, lyrical, utopic, full of loss; a joyful attaching to all the matter in the whole world as it comes into your perception. Clairvoyance as mediumship: hold yourself open to the voices of matter speaking through and to you as collaborators, ancestors, and friends. It involves mind-reading through micro-mirroring gestures and the tendency to repeat a habit of expression after a long conversation with a beloved other or object.

Clairvoyance as the material agency of non-living things encompasses entelechy, telekinesis, élan vital, and still forms without stillness in the continuous movement of atoms. It is like a knock on the wall if you’re there in the séance. Clairvoyance as time travel: the entire geologic timescale of the earth is available to you all at once, making you an ancestor and a descendant of yourself. Everything can speak through you and to you now, right now, now. It represents a past and a future where your mothers know your name.