Playing in the Garden
Facilitated by
Ranime El Morry

Part of the One Step Back, Two Steps Forward event.

In red, white, and black, the artists speak of drive, hope, and reality. One Step Back, Two Steps Forward features artworks born of unique and diverse life dilemmas and their various outcomes of victory, acceptance, connection, retraction, or evasion. The pieces navigate themes of human complexity, connections to earthly and otherworldly magic, fleeting or constant calamity, and the pathways unlocked by growth, energy, and imagination.

Play allows liberation, letting us slip the shackles of expectation and move towards transcendence beyond the limitations of the body, the mind, and the roots of this world. Follow the artists as they expand and process life, moving one step back and two steps forward. This special exhibition offers artists a residency-style opportunity over the course of a week to explore how their works interact and embody this year’s theme of “play and process”.