Robbing Peter To Pay Paul
Facilitated by
Renée Mathews

Part of the Please Speak to the Material event.

"Please Speak to the Material" invites us to deepen our dialogue with the material world and explore how material and environment can facilitate connection and relationship by intertwining with concepts of play and process. Memory and relationship imbue objects with value and importance, making a sense of connection tangible. This emphasis on building relational bonds with materials during the creative process echoes into each of our lives, where similar care and attention deepen our interpersonal relationships.

The artists’ interactions with materials underscore a non-hierarchical view of our world that engages every element, including industrial byproducts, with respect and as a revered partner in creation. The works challenge viewers to perceive objects and their components not just as inanimate things but as active participants in shared spaces, deserving of respect and consideration. The exhibition poses poignant questions: What happens when we treat materials, and not just the finished artworks, with reverence? How can this mode of interaction transform our understanding of relationships and the process of nurturing them?

Continuing Pierre-François Ouellette Art Contemporain’s institutional record of spotlighting queer histories and cultures, this exhibition invites viewers to engage in a multisensory experience where materiality, memory, and identity converge, encouraging a deeper understanding of our collective and individual connections to the world around us.