The Sun Shifts Across Nine Panes // The Brightest Colour
Facilitated by
Aidan Matthews

Part of the Loose Threads event.

"With works in photography and textile arts, Loose Threads is a group exhibition featuring Jenn Amankrah, Eli Bjedov-Stankovic, Margaux Domec, Nesreen Galal, Simone Joiner, and Mahalia Thompson-Onichino. Expanding on the themes of Play and Process proposed for this year’s festival, the selected works defy the traditions of their respective media and incite new ways of interacting with images, textiles, and found objects.

Although all the works in this show were created independently from one another, they touch on similar themes: familial relationships, yearning, (re)tracing, memory, preservation, and identity. They pose many questions: What will remain when we are gone? What can we hold onto in diasporic circumstances? How does care affect memories? What do we do with our dreams? How do we mediate differing realities?

Through each of their works, the featured artists unravel elements of their pasts while constructing new understandings and perspectives to carry into the future."