Wishes for humanity
Facilitated by
Rachel Kohler

Part of the event The Student Experience.

The student experience is a pivotal moment in many people's lives. As students, we are constantly broadening our minds. Our sense of self is growing. We are experiencing a shift in our lives that challenges who we are, and inspires who we will become.

This exhibition showcases student artists who explore the growth and complexities of student life in a way that speaks to their inner child and engages in a sense of play. Follow the artists as they investigate themes of student life, young adulthood, childhood, family, identity, and outlook to the future, which together connect to show the importance of the university experience.

Through an aesthetic exploration of the conflict between young adulthood and childhood, ideas of identity, future ambitions, growing up, and change are expressed. Thoughtful portraits depict joy and admiration for family and friends, showing the importance of these relationships to students as they juggle student life. Childlike play is used in artists' processes to create sophisticated artworks that explore themes of childhood and identity, proving the importance of keeping your inner child close as you grow. Hopes for the future are optimistically investigated through a down-to-earth artistic process that encourages community.

As university students, our inner child, sense of self, and continuing knowledge contribute to an invaluable and impactful personal growth experience.