Belonging Hinterland

March 19th to 31st

Facilitated by Nesreen Galal

Venue: Ada X, 4001 Rue Berri Suite 201


Aaliyah Crawford | To Make this House a Home
Gemma Stevens | Symbiosis
Alexa Rieb | Complex instability of a simple tool
Chris M Forest | Montana Road Wreck
Lea Taillefer | When I Look at Myself Looking at You

What is a home? In pop culture and Western culture, a home is always associated with a residential building that includes an A-frame roof, with no sense of attachment. It is always portrayed as a product of capitalism without the emotional attachment. However, while a house can be a home, a home may not always be bound to a house.

"Home", in Old English, refers to an area where many "souls" are gathered. A home is more or less a sense of belonging rather than a meaningless essence of a physical location. There is always an essence to home.

Belonging could be a “home”, could be a certain location, a sacred space, dream state, a feeling, a sense of protection, could be a maneuver, a family, a community, a memory, a religion, an object, an interaction or an introspection. It could also be a hinterland; an area lying beyond what is visible or known. The exhibition brings together intermedia artworks through mediums such as sculpture, textile, installation, print media, video art and photography to explore identity, ecology, psychology, collective memory, orientation and ethos. Artists re-contextualize the concept of belonging into a more experimental, confrontal and abstract notion, expressing their interrelation with: space, location, nature, time, culture, queerness and self.

To belong is to be at home.