Creation is the Opposite of Relic

March 8th to 20th

Facilitated by Maddison Schmitt

Eastern Bloc, 55 Rue de Louvain O Suite 480


Hubert Thériault | A Shroud I
Emily Sirota | Window, mirror, mobile
Yann Pignard | Two nurses, smoking
Armando Enrique Rivas Mejias & Sacha Perez Del Solar | Amas
Leah Watts | ᐊᑯᒋᑲᓈᐦᑎᒄ

We carry the spirits of others within us. Not only of those that raised us, but of ancestors that came long before. Vestiges live on in us, their origins unidentifiable. The same is true of our surroundings; our environments are firmly rooted in the past. As leftover influences and ideals seep into our everyday lives, they slip through into our futures.

The artists included in this exhibition deal with these patterns and textures left behind, collaborating with memories and materials to inform the present:

The sculptural traces of a chance encounter; two individuals’ moments of respite become shared experience. But whose perspectives were left behind? Do the remnants reveal care, or harm?

The found footage of a childhood memory creates a rubbernecking of disaster. By replaying over and over, repetition suggests a burden that can’t be released. What happened here that created such a need for catharsis?

As a neutral agent, water is easily persuaded to flow where it is encouraged to go. What, other than water and earth, is shifted by the altering of natural geography? How do we harmonize with melodies made dissonant by the ceaseless noise of intruding waves?

A collaboration between artists and viewers integrates the beauty left behind by destruction. With the salvaging and remixing of materials, we are invited to discover where the architecture begins and ends. Is it with the artists’ tools or with the impressions you leave behind and take with you?

Our opening night performance has been documented in various ways for the opening hours, creating new traces of the past by diffracting our connections to time and space. Here, textiles and text give permanence to a ritual embodiment.

We, here on unceded territory, invited by the Art Matters Festival to install and perform our work in a gallery setting, wish to not just acknowledge those that preceded us, informed us and inspired us, but to invite them into our studios. We wish to invoke reflection and care, and to develop the wisdom required to help us reimagine our past and continue to shape our futures.