Identifying Care

March 8th to 20th

Facilitated by Justin Tracy

VAV Gallery, 1395 Boulevard René-Lévesque W


Dan Yang | Nutrients
Spencer Magnan | Fight
Naimah Amin | Mae, 24 and Ma, 21
Morganne Carroll | Wallflower
Kassandra Walters | blood, snot and tears
Sabrina Maisonneuve | Pointless Comfort
Anna Can | Shaping Nostalgia
Jennifer Lee | Healing My Inner Child

How can exploring one’s identity reveal methods of self-care that translate into networks of collective care?

Care can be described as the ability, need, or desire to provide nurturance and support. The misunderstanding of care as an individual practice—-particularly in an art practice—disregards the interwoven relationships that concretize a sense of identity. As we collectively confront layers of social division and alienation, the exploration of identity in art can recenter notions of care that highlight our interdependencies and how care can be extended to and received from others through our art practice.

The exhibition brings together works by eight artists that demonstrate the collective nature of caring as each enters in a dialogue with the other. Every piece extends its identity to the rest, enabling an interdependent embrace of recognition and validation; from recentering the physicality of bodily experiences as a crux for emotional awareness to transmuting images of the surrounding environment into an emotional memoryscape, from a cyclical healing process of bodily actions to an externalized maelstrom of inner miscommunication, from re-interpreting pasts as a network of inner relationships to mapping past moments as a healing practice, and from solidifying new meaning onto objects of psychological turmoil to extending humorous healing through comforting oddities.