Interactive publication offered at various pick-up points and shipped free of cost on demand

Launch: March 19th at Atelier Retailles

Facilitated by Tiana Atherton

Designed by Man Zou


Michelle Caron-Pawlowsky | I’m Sick of Talking on the Phone
Marianne Charlebois | 29-11-21
Nathalie Sereda-Bazinet | Submergée
elle | self-portrait in blue
Avery Suzuki | Yacker and Pickle

Objects are tokens of our beings, parts of ourselves we project into the material world. As tools, markers and traces, we assign them significance in order to make sense of this world and our position within it.

This second edition of the Art Matters Book Project features 5 artists working in the mediums of sculpture, interactive installation, and printmaking. Object Talk contemplates the interdependent relationships that humans have with inanimate objects.

Imbued with meaning and activated by senses, we use objects to mark our interactions with ourselves, each other and our environments. They become stand-ins for our desires and frustrations. On the other hand, these are the things we encounter in our everyday lives that make up the environments and shape our experiences. The works in Object Talk look to objects to create internal maps, navigate identity, and represent connection.