Seeking Pathways (Podcast)


Paris Esmaeilpour
Matthew Sanderson


Esther Calixte-Bea
Lori Beavis
Hanorah Hanley
Surabhi Ghosh
Joyce Joumaa

The Art Matters Festival, CJLO 1690AM and CUJAH have partnered to produce a podcast series, featuring interviews with emerging and established artists who transcend barriers. Each 25 minute episode, hosted by Matthew Sanderson and Paris Esmaeilpour, prompts introspection on themes of agency, voice, and overcoming barriers in the world of Art. The goal of the series is to center and uplift the voice of each guest speaker, providing a platform for them to discuss their work and lived experiences. Stretching across mediums of painting, music, illustration, and activism, this interdisciplinary podcast series aims to make it known that the contributions of these artists deeply matter.

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