Touch Screen

March 7th to 20th

Facilitated by Ali Byers

Espace POP, 5587 Av du Parc


Mingwei Li | Flying
Yasmeen Dajani | All Our Tangled Ribbons
Sara Mericle | subsurface lake mars tiles and isolated vessel 1&2
Renée Mathews | Denim Wigs
Anne Fromont | long dress

This exhibition is an offering of alternatives—inviting the viewer to take in the pieces visually, while imagining the haptic sensation caused by each work. Through a variety of textiles and topographies, Touch Screen brings these artworks together as a mode of world-building in a fraught context of a never-ending pandemic juxtaposed with an inevitably anxiety-ridden, grand re-opening of the world. The garments, tapestries, ceramics, sculptures, and drawings included here do the work of seeking, constructing, and presenting alternatives while honoring the many earlier iterations that allow this work to exist. With this in mind, Renée Matthews’s denim wigs offer an alternative to wasteful, plastic-based synthetic options in addition to a new purpose for old jeans. Sara Mericle’s ceramics question prototypical topographic methods in physical geography and ask the viewer to consider what alternative mapping techniques of the earth may resemble. Similarly, Mingwei Li’s Flying draws its inspiration from Buddhist murals embedded in the Mogao Caves in China, an oasis within a desert. Using textiles to knit together both artworks and subject matter, Yasmine Dajani’s series All Our Tangled Ribbons series shows the unique importance of gatherings. Finally, Anne Fromont’s dress creates a monument out of the scraps of an ever expanding, high consumption fashion industry, both beautiful and horrifying in its size. Assembled together, these artists generously share their alternatives with the viewer and invite us in to consider something new with them. This collection of artworks centers texture and feeling, inviting the viewer to imagine the haptic sensation caused by each work.